KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019

Laboratory Management Policy



Accredited testing and calibration laboratories in Kaveh Glass Industry Group are equipped for most tests and calibrations required for glass industry and are known to be ranked among the best labs in Iran. Based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard requirements, Kaveh Group has designed and implemented its Laboratory Management System to give comprehensive services to its customers with the following objectives:


  • Understanding legal needs of the customers an giving high quality services to them through using skillful people
  • Improving skill and efficiency of the people through systematically, planned and continuous training of human resources
  • Continuously improving of Quality Management System in Organization
  • Optimized utilization of existing resources and facilities to improve skills and reduce costs
  • Standardization of Laboratory Services
  • Considering all the standard requirements and especially ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements
  • Supporting and supplying the Labs with updated and suitable devices to improve servicing to customers and increasing the capacities of test and calibration laboratories


All the related managers and people in the organization should be fully committed
to above mentioned objectives and policies.

Ebrahim Asgarian
President & CEO


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