KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019

Taban Glass



Third Float Line Of Kaveh Glass Industry Group has started.On Feb 10 ,2004 the second patterned glass line of Kaveh Group started at Shisheh Taban located at Kaveh Industrial City, Which belong to KAVEH Group. Shisheh Taban is s leading manufacturer of patterned and special float glass in IRAN.


SHISHEH TABAN Co. is manufacturer of float glass with special specification and particular applications. Where high light transmission is required such as welding goggles and masks or interior design , SHISHEH TABAN products are the right choice. Broad range of patterned glass , provided by SHISHEH TABAN Co. perfectly respond to customers needs. Patterned glass has the unique capacity to separate space while sharing lights.


The capacity of the line and it's special feature is the width which is different from the first line Whereas the first line could produce the width up to 160 cm and the length 321 cm ,the new line is capable of producing the glass with the width of 225 cm. The new line will open a new space for export and also offering a wider range of size to the existing local market . All constructional and design activities for the line is achieved by kaveh engineers and personnel's.


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