KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019

Kaveh Float



Kaveh Float Glass a member of Kaveh glass industry group and the largest float glass company in IRAN producing float glass, coated glass, laminated glass and mirrors. The factory is located in Kaveh Industrial city and is 120 Km far from Tehran.

The knowledge and experience in glass manufacturing led KAVEH FLOAT GLASS to find a good position in the markets. All basic and detail engineering, construction, supply and procurement were performed by KAVEH GLASS Industry through dynamic interaction between groups.

Wide range of glass products in different colors and distinguished quality suitable for automotive and architecture industry are achievements of KFG using advanced process control .ON-Line inspection in addition to the efficient chemical and physical labs has enabled KAVEH FLOAT GLASS to achieve the international standards for the product.


The modern factory contains new machinery and expertise ,such as robotic unloading, paper machine, marking device ,online thickness and stress measurement , etc .which meet the stringent requirements of today's international quality and standards.


Through 600 MT/D we are able to produce different colors and different thicknesses. Depositioning of thin films on float glass is carried out by using the latest technology of magnetic sputtered vacuum deposition process which covers a wide range of colours, applications and characteristics such as different light transmission, shading coefficient, U value, higher performances, bendable and temperable coated glass, etc.


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