KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019

Asa Float Glass + Mirror



Asa Float Glass a member of Kaveh glass industry group and one of the largest float glass company in IRAN producing float glass, coated glass and mirrors. The factory is located in Maragheh (Tabriz Province) in North-west of Iran .

The main purpose of the factory is production of Automotive Glasses as it is equipped with modern computerized quality control systems and High Speed Stackers.


The factory produces Jumbo Sizes 366x600 cm up to small sheet 70x70 cm. This modern factory contains new machinery and expertise ,such as robotic unloading, paper machine, marking device ,online thickness and stress measurement , etc .which meet the stringent requirements of today's international quality and standards.

Thanks to its big furnace the factory is able to produce different colors and different thicknesses. The coating line of this factory using state-of-the-art technology from Germany will be started-up on the first quarter of 2011 and the mirror line which is mechanically installed and ready to operate will launch its products to market on October.


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