KAVEH Monday ، 18 March ، 2019

Iran Tool



With regard to the nature of glass manufacturing and necessity of moulds, Iran Tool CO. has been established since 1996 to provide required moulds, machinery and spare parts for Kaveh Glass Industry Group. Iran Tool Co. is highly equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and tools. On this basis, Iran Tool CO., today is known as the largest and most reliable mould supplier in IRAN.


The main purpose of the company is to produce different kinds of moulds and machineries, related equipments and accessories for KAVEH GROUP by using the most sophisticated machines in Iran Tool. Now, we are able to produce all moulds required for our group. More than 100 machines in different types are involved to produce about 150 sets of moulds per year and also over 100 personals work in the factory.


Iran Tool Co. is registered by Iranian management and planning society for glass machinery manufacturing and engineering services


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