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Kaveh Soda



SODA ASH is one of the consequential raw materials in glass and detergent industries. As there had not been enough production, KAVEH GLASS INDUSTRY GROUP decided to establish its first SODA ASH plant in Iran to meet the local market demand and increase the efficacy of Iranian Manufacturing Industry by exporting the products. KAVEH SODA Co., a member of KAVEH GLASS INDUSTRY GROUP has been established since 2003 and its activities are largely based on producing high quality dense and light SODA ASH according to the latest modification of Solvay process.

Kaveh Soda Co., located in northwest of Iran, is close to salt lake of Uromieh. The most important points for determining the location were its salt, lime and other required ingredient. The Solvay process is used to produce Soda Ash, which nowadays is extensively used in the most companies all over the world. In this method, salt and limestone are used as the main raw materials and common for producing Soda Ash.

Thanks to most modern process and equipment such as:


  • High efficiency screw compressors.
  • Modern vacuum drum filter
  • Light Ash steam steam calciner
  • Dense ASH hydration and dehydration
  • Fluidized bed dryer and cooler
  • DCS control system

Lead us to guarantee the high quality products


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