KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019

Kavian Float Glass


Kavian Float Glass In Mash'had

پروژه بزرگترین خط تولید شیشه فلوت با نام کاویان فلوت در شمال شرق کشور

Kavian Float Glass is the fifth float line of KAVEH Glass Industrial Group located near  Mash'had city North-Eastern part of Iran. The factory which is now under construction will produce float glass to supply the North –Eastern part of Iran and the neighbor countries.

This project, the same as other projects in Kaveh Glass Group is an EPC project performed by Petro Kaveh and the line is scheduled to start production on December 2016. The design and engineering phase has been finished, the procurement of machinery is planned and the vendors has been selected during Glasstec 2014 exhibition in Dusseldorf.

The line is designed to be capable of delivering Maximum Flexibility of production line so that the factory will be able to produce Automotive Quality from small sizes ,unloaded with high speed stackers, to Jumbo sizes 3660x6000 mm.


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