KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019

The Biggest Soda Ash Factory In Firoozabad Shiraz

افتتاح پروژه کربنات سدیم فیروزآباد شیراز در سال 2015

Firoozabad Soda ash plant is one of largest industrial project in  Fars province which is constructing in 280 hectares land. The project finished site initiating phase and machinery installation and erection has been performing. In the first phase 300000 MT soda ash is going to produce and this amount will be increase about 1000000 MT with factory full production capacity. Soda ash normally is used in glass, cosmetic, detergents and loom industries. The project will consume 1000 MT salt and lime daily. Its predictable that the project create 700 person direct and 1500 indirect employment in first phase which will be raise up to 1200 direct and 10000 indirect job opportunity at final step. This Factory will be run in 2015.


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