KAVEH Saturday ، 16 February ، 2019




Established in 2006, Kaveh Methanol Company is a methanol production complex located on a 500 acres site, Dayyer, Iran on the Persian Gulf. It is the largest single train methanol plant in the world, with an annual production capacity of 2.3 million metric tons of methanol.

The detailed engineering design for the plant is accomplished by PIDEC.

Kaveh Methanol Plant is located on the Persian Gulf Coast, benefiting from methanol transferring pipeline connections to dedicated methanol SPM connections.

Kaveh Methanol employed more than 1,000 skilled workers through contractors during the construction work and has settled into full operations with around 750 full-time employees.

Gas as the feedstock for Kaveh Methanol plant is provided through 27˝ pipeline from Assalouyeh IGAT 6.



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