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Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)

SODA ASH is one of the consequential raw materials in glass and detergent industries. As there had not been enough production, KAVEH GLASS INDUSTRY GROUP decided to establish its first SODA ASH plant in Iran to meet the local market demand and increase the efficacy of Iranian Manufacturing Industry by exporting the products. KAVEH SODA Co., a member of KAVEH GLASS INDUSTRY GROUP has been established since 2003 and its activities are largely based on producing high quality dense and light SODA ASH according to the latest modification of Solvay process. Kaveh Soda Co., located in northwest of Iran, is close to salt lake of Uromieh. The most important points for determining the location were its salt, lime and other required ingredient. The Solvay process is used to produce Soda Ash, which nowadays is extensively used in the most companies all over the world. In this method, salt and limestone are used as the main raw materials and common for producing Soda Ash. 

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 The Biggest Soda Ash Factory In Firoozabad Shiraz

Firoozabad Soda ash plant is one of greatest industrial project in  Fars province which is constructing in 280 hectare land. The project finished site initiating phase and machinery installation and erection are performing. In first phase 300000 tons soda ash is going to be produced and this number will be about 1000000 tons with factory full capacity. Soda ash normally is used in glass, cosmetic and loom industries. The project will consume 1000 tons salt and lime daily. Its predictable that the project create 700 person direct and 1500 indirect entrepreneurship in first phase which will be raise up to 1200 direct and 10000 indirect job opportunity at final step.


Resources & mines:

The plant has been located to the nearest distance of mines and resources, limestone deposit of mines & salt from Uromieh salt lake. Sodium carbonate or SODA ASH is made up of common salt, ammonia and lime.

The most modern technology and equipment such as:

-          High efficiency screw compressors.

-          Modern vacuum drum filter.

-          Light Ash steam calcination.

-          Dense Ash hydration and dehydration.

-          Fluidized bed dryer and cooler.

-          DCS control system.

Guarantees the high quality of products.

Kaveh Glass Industry Group


Kaveh Soda Co., a member of Kaveh Glass Industry Group was established in 2003 with the capacity of 200000MT/ Year. KSC activities are based on producing high quality dense & light Soda Ash, according to the latest modification of Solvay process.

In the year 2007, due to production line expansion, there was a significant increase in the total production capacity to 400000 MT Year. By operating Firoozabad project, consequently the capacity of production will be raised up to 1,400,000 MT per year.


All types of KAVEH SODA products are supplied to the market in small and jumbo PP bags, with following description:

Light Soda Ash:      50kg. 700kg. 1250kg

Dense Soda Ash:    50kg. 1000kg. 1500kg

Dense Soda Ash applications:

-          Flat glass

-          Container glass

-          Ceramics

-          Metallurgy – none ferrous metals

-          Metallurgy – steel making

-          Glassware

Dense and Light Soda Ash Chemical Specification:





Alkalinity ( as Na2 Co3 ) %



Chloride in term of NACL%



Iron Content %



Insolubility in water %


Dense and Light Soda Ash Physical Specifications:





Bulk Density ( Dense ), gr/cm3



Bulk Density ( Light ), gr/cm3


Dense Granular




Mesh NO.



Max. 10


Max. 15


Min. 70


Max. 7


Max. 3

Light Soda Ash applications:

-          Chemicals

-          Detergent, Washing compound

-          Pulp and paper

-          Water treatment plant

-          Environment

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